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Pete Edwards (MA, RCA)

Hello! I am Pete Edwards. Welcome to my web gallery.

I was trained as a ceramic sculptor at the Royal College of Art, London. My work has always investigated man’s relationship with the natural world, the main focus of which is as follows: looking at animals and their changing environment. My main ceramic piece is a larger than life Gorilla for John Aspinall. Working alongside Friends of the Earth, World Wildlife Fund and The Ecologist magazine, I produced pieces pertinent to their campaigns.

Somehow, teaching found me and I came to the realisation that educating students is a rewarding process. I have recently retired from Pocklington School, York after 33 years; I was Head of the Art Department. In essence, I hope I made a positive difference to my students' lives.

In the past year, I have built a studio and I have also commenced a variety of art projects using different techniques. Teaching gave me the opportunity to explore many avenues on the subject, and retirement has given me the time to explore these in greater detail. Please proceed to the galleries to view my work.




Having finished my studio in March 2014, I decided to look back at my work. As I am a retired teacher from Pocklington School, I perceive my present artistic undertakings as a form of self regeneration by using my past work; in essence, as an opportunity to use techniques and materials I used whilst at school.

Printmaking gave me the opportunity to explore my animal themed ideas in a medium, which I only briefly touched upon during my teaching career. At the same time, I developed a range of paintings, which required different skills; it produced a more consummate type of image.

I was approached by Pocklington Arts Centre; we discussed the possibility of me delivering an exhibition in November 2014. The theme is as follows: “Walk on the Wildlife". The title comes from a song in the “Delta Ball” musical, which I wrote with John Bryant; it was first performed at the opening of the Sir Tom Stoppard Theatre in 2001.






If you wish to contact me to discuss anything about my work, please use the contact form. Alternatively, you can e-mail me directly by using the e-mail address below.